Counselling Training and Experience


Counselling Training

My counselling training began in 2000 when, I undertook an Existential and Person Centred Counselling course at East Berkshire College. I gained a Certificate in Existential and Person Centred Counselling. I went on to gain a Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy with Academy of Spiritual Attitudes and Awareness.

Body Therapist Training

I became interested in healing the mind through the body and in 1992 I  began training in massage. I studied various forms of massage including Swedish massage and Tuina. Through this work I became increasingly interested in personal development and the mind body connection. I attended workshops with the late David Grove and Dr. Ernest Rossi.

Psychotherapy Training

My training with Nicola Richter was influenced by the Spiritual and transpersonal aspect of the person centred approach.

Experience as a Counsellor

In 2005 I set up a private therapy practice in Central London at Canary Wharf. I provided Solution Focused Therapy.

Working at the  Kingston Womens Centre I worked with women of all ages presenting various problems. These included anxiety, depression, relationships and eating disorders.

I supported some local parishioners through the Church.

Currently I am in private practice in Maidenhead.

Qigong Training

For more than 20 years I have been a student of the Hua Gong School of Qigong  with Master Zhixing Wang.

I study various forms of meditation, including mindfulness for health, well-being and spiritual development.

As part of my own development I travelled to China to the root of the Qigong tradition. I wanted to gain a deeper understanding of the practice and ancient culture and its essence. I visited many of what are considered to be among the most important Taoist and Buddhist sites.

During my time there I met with a variety of healers. These included Qigong Doctors and Masters of many disciplines. The Wudang Mountain is considered by some in China to be one the most important Taoist sites the home of Tai Chi.  Whilst there I was instructed in the ancient art of internal alchemy.

Later I returned to China and I spent some time travelling the country. Meeting teachers who continued to practice ancient traditions for example Guquin (which translates as old instrument) and sword. In Chengdu I met with Tai Chi Master at the Qingyang Gong Temple where I spent some time practising the art of calligraphy which can be both  artistic and transformative.